In 2016, we were introduced to rolled ice cream. 2017 seemed to be the year of oversized, everything. As we enter the third month of 2018, some trends in the food industry are already being picked up. Everything from unique water to colored milk has made an appearance and hast seem to be fading away just yet!’


Drinkable Soup

You’ve heard of drinkable yogurts, but now there is soup in a the convenient form of a bottle. The new way to consume a lunchtime favorite comes full with organic and antioxidant-packed produce. Company, Drink Zupa is offering packages of various flavors of the drinkable soup. What might turn some people off is the no-heating factor, somewhat taking away from the “soup” vibe.


More Milk

As the shift towards veganism continues growing, the niche market for dairy-free milk continues. Almost every type of nut has been turned into a form of milk but what about those with lactose and nut allergies? Finally, there is another source of cereal’s best friend, Pea Milk. A few companies have dabbled in the new form of milk and shown impressive nutritional value. With high levels of protein and calcium, pea milk could be the future of dairy-free products.



The snack game has been changing rapidly over the years. People still might reach for that bag of chips at the store, but now that bag is surrounded by healthy alternatives. From the puffed snap pea chips to quinoa crispy bites, many veggies are getting their day in the snacking sun. Snackers are turning to the healthier options and now jicama is getting in on the actions with Jica chips making their way on the market.


Food Delivery

It began in 2017 but is expected to truly take off this year. Food delivery has been around for decades but only now are people realizing it’s full potential. With Uber Eats and Postmates making waves by literally delivering any food your heart desires, there is still room for growth. Grocery delivery is also shooting up in popularity. Life has become all about convenience and companies like Amazon, are giving into the demands. By the end of the year, most people will likely never need leave their house in terms of food.