Icelandic meal

Matur og Drykkur

A new restaurant in the capital’s harbor, this establishment holistically represents the depth and the incredible culinary variation within Nordic gastronomic culture. Some delicious dishes that accurately represent Nordic culture include fermented shark, sheep’s head, and other interesting plates that are fairly priced for both locals and tourists alike. As dining out can be a bit pricey in Reykjavik (since the island country imports goods), an average plate at Matur og Drykkur is around twenty dollars. Below is the breakdown of the six course meal offered at this beautifully designed, homey restaurant on the waterfront.

For starters, the first course is a charred flatbread with arctic char (similar to salmon) and horseradish. What makes this particular dish so special is the way the charred flatbread is presented (as four distinct islands playing on different textures). After a fair share of paper-thin slices of dried fish, Langoustine tail is without a doubt the main attraction. The tail was decorated with an abstract swirl of fragrant dill oil and dulse, a nice garnish of dried fish shavings grated on top.


“Grill Market” is a beautifully designed restaurant with moss covered walls, log tables, and stone walls that create a stunning rustic atmosphere. The interior is a combination of Icelandic landscape and traditional Nordic aesthetic which both represent the country’s heritage.

With over 10,000 items on the tasting menu, the dishes range from pungent, deep-fried dried fish from local Icelandic waters to innovative mini lobster burgers with Sichuan mayonnaise. A few top dishes you should keep on your radar are Monkfish skewers with cottage cheese drizzled with a tangy BBQ sauce and cod with chorizo and cauliflower puree.


While not a top tourist destination by any means, Apotek is a treasure that is enjoyed by mostly locals who yearn for a hearty after work dinner or perhaps a few snacks with a beer in hand. Apotek has an incredible 6 course fish tasting menu with seared tuna drizzled in spicy aji amarillo (a garlic infused Peruvian cheese sauce) and delicious curls of cured trout cooked in truffle oil.