The majority of people throw nearly everything inside their fridge thinking it all belongs in there. In fact, this is essential for keeping some products from spoiling or molding, however, there are plenty of foods that actually fare better outside of the fridge. A cool, dark environment isn’t always best for some foods. So, make some room on the counter or in your pantry for the following five foods. 


Most healthy apples will last a week or two at room temperature. When placed in the fridge they tend to become mealy very quickly and cause any other fruits near them to ripen more quickly due to the gases they emit. Keeping them out allows their enzymes to be more active and actually keeps your apples more nutritious. 


This fruit will take longer to ripen in the cold, so make sure it gets some space on the counter. If they start to get too ripe before you have a chance to eat them or turn them into your favorite guacamole recipe, put them in the fridge to slow down the ripening process. 


If you’re looking for a nutritious snack, keep bananas out of the fridge. Bananas hold their nutrients better when kept out of the cold. As with avocados, if your bananas are becoming too ripe too soon, you can place them in the fridge to help slow the process down. Keep in mind that the moisture in a fridge may cause them to turn brown or black. 


The phrase cool as a cucumber can be misleading, but they don’t belong in the fridge. When left in the refrigerator, they can become waterlogged and lose their delicious crisp flavor. Instead, store them on your counter or in the pantry. 


Nothing dries out bread quite like your refrigerator. The longer bread remains in the fridge, especially out of any packaging, the faster it will become tasteless, stale, and dry. Bread’s consistency allows it to also act like a sponge, allowing it to absorb any odors lurking in your fridge. That’s just not appetizing. Store bread in a breadbox, microwave, or leave it in a sealed container on the counter.