We all have one. A bacinet of spices, condiments, and other ingredients that rarely get used. Unless you are a master innovator in the kitchen, then you’ll like let some of these staples expire and never buy them again. Some of these items should definitely be held onto for uses other than cooking. Here are some crafty ways to use those random ingredients for more than just cooking.

When it comes to this creamy condiment, there are more ways to use it than a sandwich spread. Mayo can be used to remove water stains from wood tables, clean faux plants, kill head lice, and help remove tar.

Vegetable Oil
While great for cooking on the stove and a major ingredient for baking, vegetable oil is also a great means for removing splinters. If some wood gets caught under your skin, no need to fret! Soak the wound in some vegetable oil to help soften the skin for an easier removal!

We’re all human and know that spills happen. If you’re quick enough to get to the problem early on, you can save yourself some money and avoid buying an expensive carpet cleaner. Mix half water, half vinegar and douse it on the stain. White vinegar works best in the combo, once the stain is dabbed with paper towels.

Olive Oil
As mentioned above, oils are not just great for stir-frying and baking. For makeup wearers, you may know that many makeup removers include oil as the main ingredient. Using a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on a cotton ball can help make your face a clean slate once again!

Tea Bags
There are many old wives tales in regards to additional uses for tea bags. From relieving sunburn pain and reducing bags under the eyes, the possibilities are numerous. For plant lovers, the tea leaves are also great for feeding your garden. Just like vinegar, used tea bags are also great for cleaning rugs!

Other than cookie’s favorite partner, milk has endless benefits for the skin. From dry patches to sunburn, a treatment of milk to the skin can do wonders. Thanks to its moisturizing nature and actionable enzymes, milk is a great way to relieve itching and irritation on the skin.