Dim Sum, if you are not familiar, refers to a host of snack-sized cantonese dishes that are typically eaten on weekend morning. Akin to tapas, you can select a variety of small dishes including buns, dumplings, and other delicious treats. The experience, if you are first-timer or are not adequately prepared, can be overwhelming and you can easily order far too much food within a few minutes of arriving. Waiters roll around carts containing all sorts of food and it is up to you to prioritize the dishes you want to enjoy most. Knowledge is power in this situation. Here is a breakdown of the most popular Dim Sum dishes to ensure you know exactly what you are ordering next time you eat this traditional cantonese meal.

Steamed Dumplings 

Dim Sum DumplingsA staple of dim sum, steamed dumplings are a must-have that typically feature shrimp or pork with vegetables, bok choy, black mushrooms, carrots, Chinese cabbage, green onions, and more. Although we cannot be sure, dumplings most likely were first developed in muslim areas that were situated alone the Silk Road. Also popular are soup dumplings, which have earned a cult following across the world in recent decades. These dumplings utilize incredibly thin encasement with to enclose a mixture of pork and broth. In order to avoid burning your mouth, be sure to poke a hole in these dumplings to allow the inside portion to cool off. While soup dumplings may appear to be an impressive feat of culinary engineering, the process of making these delicious treats is actually quite simple.


Steamed pork bunsBuns are another central dish type in Dim Sum. Pork Buns are amongst the most popular variety of buns. As shown below, these buns consist of a cantonese bbq pork interior surrounded by a steamed white bun. Chicken and vegetables buns are also offered.

Fried or Baked 

Custard tarts, radish cakes, barbecued pork puffs, potstickers, and Taro croquettes, all of which are fried or baked, will also be found in these rolling carts.