You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to find a wine you love. There are so many different kinds out there that it’s overwhelming. You can find what you love and what enhances the taste of your food if you search effectively. Here’s a guide to finding your favorite wine.

Truly Taste

Pause to really taste your wine. When you’re in a hurry drinking it, you don’t get the full effect of the taste. Sip on it and enjoy each flavor. Pay attention to the parts you love or hate about it.

The Likability Factor

You don’t have to love every wine you try. Not every kind is for every person. Many people try to judge a wine by what others say about it. Judge it for yourself. Decide if you think it tastes good or bad. You may think it’s too dry while others think the taste is perfect. You can make a decision on your own about the distinct flavor or each wine.

Sweetness Level

There are varying levels of sweetness with wine, but it’s usually on a scale somewhere between very sweet and very dry. One of the first steps in finding your perfect level of sweetness is to figure out how much sugar is perfect for you. If it’s too sugary or too sweet, try the next level. Some wines have a high fruity taste. If grapes are grown in warmer climates, they often have a high sugar content due to their ripeness. This converts to a higher alcohol level. If your wine is very dry, its grapes were probably grown in a play that is drier and typically aged in little to no oak.


Once you’ve decided if you like sweet or dry wine, you can figure out other characteristics you love. You might want more fruit, a sour taste, or carbonated wine. You might want oak with vanilla hints. The characteristics will help you figure out the flavors you love best.

Have a good time finding your favorite wine. One of the best things about tasting wine is laughing and talking while you figure out which is the best for your palate. There are no wrong answers when it comes to your tastebuds.