As hard to believe as it may seem, the holiday season is upon us. The events of getting together with family to eat, drink, and be merry are in full force. Most of these occasions are filled with your typical holiday meals of turkey, potatoes, veggies, and more. While the holidays are a time make memories eating the traditional favorites, it can also be an opportunity to try some new dishes. While everyone is indulging in traditional holiday courses, you and your family could be celebrating our world’s various cultures and their cuisines. Take a look at some of these alternative recipes to surprise your guests with at your next holiday gathering!




Now don’t look past this classic food loved all over the world too quickly! In Italy, pizza is enjoyed year round and there are plenty of communities that embrace the cheese covered dough during the holidays. In some families, you will find dozens of blank crusts aligning the table, with toppings to satisfy any odd combination of cravings. If your crew is looking to change it up this year, consider doing a make-your-own pizza buffet. This way, everyone can find something they like, and for those with dietary restrictions, can make their own rules. Make sure to have everyone BYOTO (bring your own toaster oven) for a more efficient cooking system.


Soups and Stews


One of the main courses for a Greek Christmas celebration is a chicken soup. Though soup is often left off of the menu for holidays, it is a beloved first course around the world. If you’re in charge of a side dish or appetizer, consider making one of these simple crock pot soups, which can feel the whole family in one setting. For those experiencing cold temperatures during the holiday season, there is nothing like a warm bowl a soup to warm up. One of the best parts of bringing a soup to your next family meal is its ability to be easily stored and saved for a length of time, should there be any leftovers.




A traditionally Asian cuisine is being adapted for any palate these days. Today you will find dumplings and wontons stuffed with everything from traditional cheese to Nutella and chocolate. If you’re willing to put the time into making some holiday dumplings, you can stretch your imagination beyond belief. Anything from a blend of cheeses, to some nuts and chocolate, can go into these dough balls and deep frying them is always a way to give it an extra crunch.