Pizza seems to be one food internationally loved. Almost every country has their own adaptation of the cuisine whose roots are found in Italy. Deep dish, thin crust, wood-fired, and even pizza cakes have become favorites around the world. One thing that has always remained consistent is the dough-based crusts that we all love to crunch into. Many people have discovered healthy new takes on their favorite dishes. Pizza is no exception. Here are a few popular alternatives to the traditional pizza.



Cauliflower Crust

This veggie alternative to the standard dough crust has been growing in recent years. Most DIY cauliflower crusts include the use of shredded cauliflower, egg, and cheese. The concoction will naturally stick together and help you to form any shape your heart desires. The healthy alternative eliminates most carbohydrate levels and you can still feel like you are eating a crispy crust.



Any lovers of Pizza Bagels out there? If you’re looking for a healthy version of the bite-sized treat, look no further than the produce section of the grocery store. By slicing the eggplant into small, round pieces, you then have the freedom to top them however you please. Roasting or grilling the eggplant prior to topping it, gives it a crunchy texture, making you forget that you are even eating a vegetable.


Bacon Crust

Well, it may not fall under the category of “healthy”, people are using bacon in everything in recent times. Due to its allowance on many carb-free diets, bacon is the perfect way to add protein to your daily diet. By weaving the strips together and pre-cooking the base, bacon makes for an extremely thin and crispy crust. This alternative is a great grain and gluten free option for those observing such restrictions.


Can’t Stay Away from Carbs

If you still want to have the authentic taste of dough on your pizza with a twist, these alternatives are right for you. People are using other forms of bread to get their pizza fix. From tortillas to English muffins, pizza can virtually be made on anything semi-flat. Many chose to make their Italian classic on other alternatives such as pitas and naan bread. Regardless of what kind of bread you put your pizza on, changing it up can always be a fun adventure.