Weather is heating up across the world. As everyone begins to plan their summer endeavors, a favorite event to plan is the traditional backyard barbeque. In many countries, a get together such as these, are a time where family and friends come together to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Here are some dishes that are always crowd favorites.


Pasta Salads

One of the best things about pasta salad is their diversity. With a dozen variations of pasta, you can mix up the recipes even in the slightest of ways. When most people think about pasta salads, the creamy nature of the dish comes to mind. While those ones are always delicious, there are other, lighter dressings to make for a healthier fare. Another great aspect of pasta salads is the ability to get creative. There is never one recipe that trumps all. The ingredients added to the summer cookout favorite are endless. Getting creative with your pasta salad is easy. Here are over 30 recipes for what is bound to be a hit at your next BBQ.



Another extremely popular and diverse dish at any cookout is sliders. These small versions of our favorite sandwiches give us a reason to save room for other main courses. Sliders come in many shapes (not really sizes) and while the burger started the slider movement, many other handhelds have followed behind. Sliders are now seen in the form of pulled pork, chicken, fish, and many other varieties. ToppingsĀ are also a great way to get creative with your sliders. One sure fire way to get your BBQ guests excited is to create a sliders bar with all of the bases, buns, and topping their heart desires! As an added bonus, sliders make for an easy cleanup!



Nothing makes a summer outing better than some refreshing refreshments. When it comes to summertime cookouts, there is no better opportunity to break out the blender. From fruity flavors to cooling minty fresh, there are endless opportunities to let your inner bartender shine. Whether you make the drink’s alcoholic or not their presence at any party are sure to be a hit.