Spain is a dream destination for many reasons; beautiful beaches, cities entrenched with a rich history, and diverse a culture are all enticing reasons people visit. But the cuisine is something that should not be understated, and while the oceans and cities may draw many tourists, the food certainly convinces them to stay.


Barcelona – the capital of the Catalan community – is no different when it comes to fantastic cuisine. So, to help you commit to that vacation plane ticket you’ve been going back and forth on, below are three dishes you must try when in Barcelona.




In the days of the Spanish Civil War, revolutionaries and anarchists would troll the streets in their fight against General Franco’s Fascists. This battle involved much grenade throwing, which would later lead to the inspiration of one of Barcelona’s most acclaimed dishes. Somewhere along the line, a highly imaginative chef created what is now a local favorite. The “la bomba”, or (the bomb) is essentially a tennis ball-sized potato croquette that is accompanied by two sauces: a white garlic aioli that represents the string fuse of its actual bomb predecessor, and a spicy red sauce that represents a bomb’s explosion.


Pa amb Tomàquet


The simple things are often the best. This is undoubtedly the case when it comes to this simple and delicious treat. Translated as “bread with tomato”, it’s a delightful dish that almost everyone can enjoy at any time of the day. Some put cheese, vegetables, or meats on it for added flair, but its tasty secret is its simplicity and fresh, quality ingredients.


The Pa amb Tomàquet is bread with the juice of a tomato, and salt, pepper, and olive oil.


Crema Catalana


Yes, it’s the Spanish equivalent of the French “creme brûlée.” Made with a creamy vanilla custard and set ablaze until it develops a crispy covering, there is currently a battle of opinions on who created this delicious treat first—the Spaniards or the French.


Either way, it’s another enticing reason to visit Barcelona and taste the excellent cuisine it offers.