For many people, cooking is a passion and their favorite hobby. Cooking is a great and delish way to bring friends and family together. Although it is a delicious hobby, it can sometimes be hard to master. In order to make cooking a little easier, there are a few hacks every cook needs to know:

Using Floss For Soft Food

No matter how fancy your kitchen knives are, cutting soft food can be quite a hassle. A great way to cut softer foods such as cheese or Swiss rolls with precision is by using dental floss. As weird as it sounds, it’s a helpful and clever hack. 

Make Your Own Tortilla Shells

There has been a long-time debate over whether soft shells are better than hard shell tacos. On taco nights, instead of buying both, just buy soft tacos. Keep half of the tortillas soft and set the other half aside to cook. By hanging the tortillas over the over rack for eight minutes at 375 degrees, you’ll create the perfect homemade crunchy tacos that won’t fall over. 

Use Marshmallows for Anti-Clumping

Brown sugar is delish but annoying to store. It seems to take no time at all for the sugar to clump and become difficult to serve. A great way to keep brown sugar from clumping up is by storing it with marshmallows inside. The moisture keeps the sugar from clumping.

Use Lemons to Grill Fish

Grilled fish is a great dish to serve. However, sticking a fish on the grill can be a bit more sticky than cooks would like. In order to keep fish fresh and prevent it from sticking to the grill, grill the fish on a bed of sliced lemons. It also makes for easy cleanup. 

Knowing if Eggs Are Good

One of the oldest tricks in the book is finding out if an egg has gone bad or not. There is nothing worse than ruin an entire batch of eggs with one bad one. To avoid this, stick each egg in a cup of water before cooking them. If the egg sinks, it’s a good egg. If the egg floats to the top, the egg has gone bad.

Keep Avocados Fresh

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats. Unfortunately, they can go brown super quickly as soon as they’re cut open. In order to keep avocados green and fresh, sprinkle a bit of lemon juice on top.