Buying a box of chocolate is all well and good, but going the extra mile to make your own Valentine’s Day desserts shows extra thought, effort, and dedication. You don’t have to whip up the perfect chocolate-filled French pastry sitting atop a meringue masterpiece. There are so many easy to bake recipes out there that allow you to look like a pro without having to enroll in culinary school. Take a look at the recipes below to see which of these easy-to-make desserts you’ll be trying this year!

Chocolate Valentine Cake

All you need is a great mix of chocolate cake and a heart-shaped baking tin! Turn a regular chocolate cake into the perfect gesture for Valentine’s Day just by changing the shape. You’ll probably get bonus points for using heart-shaped chocolate decorations as well. 

Pie Envelopes

Send a culinary valentine this year. Everyone loves mail, but receiving mail-shaped pies is even better. Buy pre-made pie crust and shape them into small envelopes. Stuff them with your valentine’s favorite pie, even better if it’s red, to serve up an unforgettable treat!

Valentine’s Twinkie Hearts

Who says twinkies can’t be romantic? Slice them on an angle so two put together make the shape of a heart. You already have the deliciousness of the twinkie done. Now, add fresh fruit and raspberry jam to make it look even more elegant and well-thought out. 

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Take the classic sugar cookie to the next level by simply using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Use your favorite cookie recipe, cut them into heart shapes, decorate with red or pink icing or glitter, and you’re good to go!

Red Velvet Ganache Trifle

It sounds complicated, but if you can bake a cake, you’re golden. Bake a red velvet cake and break it into pieces. Find a clear glass you can layer with chocolate ganache, whipped cream, and cake and this will look like a masterpiece. 

Chocolate Sweetheart Cupcakes

Figure out your valentine’s favorite cupcake flavor and whip up a few. Add icing on top and pipe sweet messages on top as an extra surprise! These are such a sweet treat because of the different ways you can customize your flavors and messages!