Recently, it seems as though a large portion of society has become fascinated with healthier lifestyles. With this, has come many conspiracies and myths about which foods are truly good for your body. As we stand in the grocery store and stare at food labels, we wonder, if these foods are actually as bad for me as people say. Nutritionists and doctors continue evolving the relevancy of certain food items. Here are a few myths about foods that we can put behind us.



Many believe that the consumption of whole milk should halt after childhood. Contrary to popular belief, whole milk is actually better for you than skim and low-fat milk. Fat is one of the best and healthier aspects of milk. Drinking small amounts of whole milk can give you a dose of your healthy fats.


Frozen Produce

It has become a consensus in the food world that frozen produce has less nutritional value than fresh varieties. This could not be further from the truth. Often, we can actually see a boost of nutritional value in the frozen fruit or veggies. According to Dr. Mark Hyman “Fruits and veggies are flash-frozen, right as their nutrient content peaks. And since it remains frozen until you thaw it out, you don’t have to worry about nutrition content degradation.”



Most people are aware of the great nutritional value that comes from eggs. However, over time, many believed that the most value came from the egg whites. About a decade ago, it was thought that the yolk of the egg was leading to more cases of high cholesterol. These days, egg-lovers are encouraged to eat the entire egg, yolk and all. There is not a significant amount of evidence that points to the yolks causing increased levels of cholesterol.



When losing weight, one of the first items that people look to eliminate is carbohydrates. While they are often seen as harmful and less “nutritious” than proteins or vegetables, they are absolutely necessary. Carbs are what gives us energy and fuel to burn throughout the day. If you lead an active lifestyle, you should intake carbs a few times a day. There is a line, however, between good and bad carbs. Stick to whole wheat/grain for your daily intake of carbs if you are looking to lead a healthier diet.