There are so many trending diets and superfoods showcased on the Internet these days, so it’s hard to know how to include these foods and eating habits into your lifestyle. Many celebrities and social media influencers have endorsed these diets and foods, which may have led you to research the latest health trends and see how they will work for you.

To make your research easier, you can follow some Instagram accounts that are devoted to showing you how to make wholesome foods that can help you reach your health goals and maintain them. Here are some of the most popular healthy food bloggers to follow.

Panaceas Pantry

If you’re going vegan or have been vegan for a while and need new recipe ideas, Kate and Jade show you how to make delicious dishes with vegetables and other raw foods.

Brown Paper Nutrition

Nutritional medicine practitioner Jacqueline Alwill offers a variety of healthy meal ideas using whole foods that provide the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

Coconut and Bliss

Sophie Fisher hails from Sydney and posts several gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free recipes on her Instagram account. This will come in handy if you have dietary restrictions, are going vegan, or want to reduce sugar in your diet.

Pheebs Foods

Phoebe shares breakfast dishes filled with colorful fruits and tasty desserts and shows you how to make healthier versions of classic dishes.

I Quit Sugar

This Instagram account, run by Sarah Wilson, has over 401K followers as well as a best-selling book to show you how to make delicious sugar-free recipes.

Naturally Nutritious

If you have a sweet tooth but you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet, Melanie Lionello’s account provides recipes that are decadent and contain clean ingredients.

Delicious Everyday

Nicole offers vegetarian recipe ideas with simple ingredients that the whole family will enjoy.


You’ll love the high-quality, colorful images Taline Gabriel has added to her account to inspire you to make a smoothie filled with superfoods or an appetizing fruit platter.

Gather and Feast

If you need new recipe ideas using simple and inexpensive healthy foods, you’ll get the inspiration you need from Ashley Alexander’s Instagram account.

The Fit Foodie Blog

Whether you’re looking for healthy sweet or savory treats, Sally O’Neil provides tasty ideas for fruit and vegetable combinations you may not have considered.

Elsa’s Wholesome Life

Ellie Bullen is a nutritionist and dietician based in Australia whose specialty is plant-based vegan recipes that are filling and delicious.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is an entrepreneur, personal trainer, and author who is known for showcasing healthy and colorful arrays of vegetables and fruits to give you healthy snack ideas after your workout.

Refer to these health-inspired Instagram accounts to help you stay on the path to becoming a better you.