When visiting the Big Apple, it is impossible to try all of the best restaurants. Within the five boroughs, there is an estimate of 24,000 eating establishments. Even NYC residents are unlikely to discover all of the indulgences the city has to offer. Luckily, the foodies of New York established an easier way to try the best foods of the city in just a few hours! One company, Foods of New York Tours has set the bar high with their variety of cultural and delicious excursions. Here are some highlights of their most popular tours.



You can experience some of the most authentic Italian food without ever having to get your passport stamped. Little Italy, in the heart of NYC, is home to a wide variety of unique dining experiences. Nolita (North of Little Italy) has become a melting pot of modern vibes and old traditions. Fan of the Godfather will not want to miss out on this tour. Your guides will point out some of the locations featured in the film. Along with authentic Italian eats, this tour includes dishes of Latin and Mexican descent. For a reasonable price of $54, foodies will receive a three-hour immersion in the Nolita atmosphere.



The Original Greenwich Village

If you love mom and pop eateries, then this tour is right up your alley. This tour, the most popular offered by this company, takes guests through the historic West Village. All of the stops on this tour provide dishes with Italian roots. Though many of the restaurants put an NYC flare into their dishes, you can still taste the Italian authenticity. Everything from classic NYC Pizza to fresh cannoli is sampled during this tour. Prepare to indulge yourself in tasty food and rich history during this unique touring experience.



Best of Brooklyn

This tour is the longest and the only one that does not take place on foot. As you board the bus to begin your adventure you will be following the path of many immigrants that took the same journey as they entered our country. Not only will you receive samplings of some of Brooklyn’s best food, but you receive an in depth history and cultural lesson as well. The samplings include traditional Polish dishes, Middle Eastern street food, and French desserts. Learn about all of these cultures while indulging in their traditional dishes.