If you’re active on social media you’ve probably come across some outrageous food videos. These consist of everything from fun recipes to try at home to fun-themed restaurants. For those of you living in NYC, you may have stumbled upon one of these unique dining experiences in your daily lives. Around the Big Apple, many restaurants are taking on crazy and creative ways to get the crowds to come. Here are some that are definitely worth looking into and trying!


Sushi in Many Ways

For those who love the Japanese staple, sushi has now been adapted to fill the form of our other favorite dishes. At the Redeye Grill, diners can order a sushi burger, which puts your favorite parts of sushi between two sticky rice “buns”. The masterpiece is only as big as a slider, so a few of them should fill you up as much as a couple rolls of traditional sushi. At NYC’s Alpha Fusion, you can get a New York favorite, in the form of sushi. Pizza sushi is quickly taking the place of the formerly popular sushi burrito.


Marshmallow Madness

Sweet-toothed New Yorker’s rejoice! If you are still a kid at heart and love marshmallows, plenty of locations in NYC have you covered. From the Ample Hills Creamery to the Little Boo Bakery, unique twists on marshmallows is becoming a rising trend. Ample Hills has developed a marshmallow ice cream that doesn’t just taste like the sugary treat but is mostly made using it. Visitors have lined up to try the new flavor which includes homemade rice krispy treats in every scoop. Little Boo Bakery is taking the s’more ingredient and giving it a flavor blast. Each day, they create new flavors of marshmallows to put in hot chocolates and coffees. Their delicious endeavors include chocolate mint, chai, and green tea.


Oversized and Delicious

Another major trend in some NYC restaurants is the enhancement of classically smaller and delicate food. For example, at Michael Jordan’s Steak House, the fries are made from a whole potato, not thinly sliced as we typically picture. NYC is additionally home to the lobster burger tower from the namesake restaurant Lobster & Burger. The tower is a double-decker platter that is scattered with various types of burgers and prepared lobsters. It is sure to feed your whole group and leave everyone satisfied.