With summer in full swing, many people have been cleaning out their grills so they can enjoy delicious grilled foods with their friends and family. Owning a grill is a wonderful thing and a great way to host parties and hang out with friends and family while feeding them delicious foods and enjoying the outdoors. The downside is that grills can occasionally be a nuisance, whether it be getting them to start or perhaps cleaning them. Luckily there are plenty of ways you can improve your grilling experience overall. Here are a few great grill hacks to make your grilling experience better than ever. 

Cleaning With A Cut Onion

Whether you’ve already been grilling this summer or you’re just using it for the first time this year, one of the most important things to do when grilling is make sure it’s clean. By keeping your grill clean, you can stop fires from happening and it’ll be easier to stop your food from burning. Most people think they need to have a special grill brush in order to properly clean it, but in reality you can do so with a cut onion! By using a long fork and half of an onion, you can clean the grill easily by using the acidity from the onion. It’ll also add a bit of an onion flavor to the next thing you make!

Use Herbs To Boost Flavor

Speaking of flavor, another great way to spice up the food you’re grilling is by tossing some herbs over the charcoal when you cook. Many people put herbs over the meat and vegetables they make on the grill, but by adding them on top of the charcoal itself it will enhance the flavor of everything you make on the grill, as well as making everything smell great. Leafy herbs such as sage are a great choice, or if you’re looking for something smokier give rosemary a try.

Soak Kebab Skewers

Kebab’s are a delicious and popular choice when it comes to grilled foods. One of the problems that people tend to run into with them is that the skewers will get scorched by the flames, causing them to burn or produce loads of smoke well before the kebabs are actually ready to serve. A great way to avoid this is by soaking them in water for an hour or two. Causing the skewers to dampen from the water will help avoid any unnecessary burning.