hamburg-2183707_960_720While its namesake suggests you are likely to find a decent burger, Hamburg has become a major attraction for foodies around the world. The city is scattered with cafes and small eateries that will satisfy any palettes. However, many people miss out on some hidden gems on the outskirts of the city centre. As it transitions to a major tourism city, you can help Hamburg put its name on the foodie map by trying some of these crave-worthy places.




Although shut down for the remainder of summer due to water damage, this place is perfect for seafood lovers. Known for its extremely fresh fish selection, Liman provides a modern vibe to their patrons. Although in the process of renovating, the owners are hopeful for the future of the restaurant. Their extensive menu includes almost any fish you can imagine and an extensive drink menu from their funky bar. The people of Hamburg have great pride in the seafood which they provide to their people. Liman is a great example of how fresh and high-quality the fish dishes can be.


Peter Pane


A small franchise in Germany, this Peter Pan themed restaurant will definitely take your stomach to Neverland. Inside, guests will find themselves feeling as though they are on Captain Hook’s ship, with the nautical themed decor. Although burgers are the main feature of the menu, there are endless options for people with all diet restrictions. Vegans and Vegetarians can rejoice knowing that Peter Pane provides full menus for their eating needs. Their meat-free burgers aren’t your typical black bean or veggie burger. While meat-eaters chomp into a juicy Angus burger, others will find a variety of veggie options. Some of the plant based burgers consist of sweet potato and even walnut celery-based patties. Don’t forget the fries! Although the meals don’t come with the fried potatoes, a large plate of burger’s best friends are available to share with the table (or to keep for yourself).




When you’re touring a city, you should always find out the quick-stop dining options. Although it is great to sit down at a meal after a long day of touring, sometimes it is best to grab something quick and keep going. Mo-Grill provides that rapid dining experience for Hamburg travelers. A free standing food stall, Mo-Grill is a short wait in line away from hungry tourists. Make sure to grab a bite of their famous CurryWurst, a German classic. Customers can try and grab one of the very few seats but many choose to walk with their authentic German sausages and continue taking in the views.