We are what we eat, so eating properly is essential to a vital, thriving life. It can be difficult, though, to gain a sense of balance when it comes to doing what is best for our bodies. Let these tips from healthy eaters encourage you to cultivate a more positive mindset toward eating.


Learn to Listen to Your Body

Healthy eaters have learned to tune into their senses to guide how they eat. Our bodies give us clues regarding when we should eat and when we should stop. Mindful eating helps healthy eaters understand their food-related behaviors without condemning themselves.


Food Is Not an Enemy

Foods are not morally evil or good within themselves; our beliefs and opinions cause us to judge foods. Yes, some treats lack the nutritive value of whole foods, but healthy eaters realize that indulging every so often is okay. They see dining as an opportunity to nourish their bodies and souls as opposed to a chore of eating only what is “allowed.”


Treat Strategically

Speaking of indulging, the best time to grab fast food or sweets is when you are not starving. It is too easy to overdo these kinds of foods on an empty stomach. Instead, healthy eaters dine on a satiating meal before splurging on treats so that they can focus on savoring the flavors and enjoying the experience.


Curb Eating for Comfort

Negative emotions tend to stir our appetite for foods high in unhealthy fats, empty calories, and refined carbohydrates. Using food to ease unpleasant feelings suppresses what the emotion is trying to reveal and projects that emotion toward guilt over whatever we ate. Healthy eaters intentionally wait until they are actually hungry to eat.


Come to a Full Stop

Hunger and fullness both nudge us gently at first and intensify if ignored. Eating mindfully involves taking cues from our senses to know when our bodies need food and when we have had enough. Since our levels of hunger and satiation will change as we eat, tuning in to what your body tells you will help you discover that sweet spot where you feel satisfied. Healthy eaters do not hold off eating until they are ravenous, nor do they eat stuff themselves until they could burst.


Allow Yourself to Enjoy Food

Taking time to relish what we put into our mouths is another aspect of intentional eating. Healthy eaters try to avoid cramming down food on the run. Instead, they carve out time to experience the pleasure of eating. They choose foods that are nourishing and make them feel vibrant. They do not feel the need to worry about what the scale says because they understand that consistent positive eating will boost their overall health.


Be Consistent Yet Flexible

Being too obsessed with healthy eating can be fueled by emotional problems and can trigger issues as well. Having a good relationship with food calls for a balanced approach. Healthy eaters are generally consistent with their eating patterns, yet they free themselves to be flexible for unexpected situations.