Hot pepper sauce is one of the best condiments on the planet. Whether it’s added to eggs, wings, or even fruit salad, it adds a touch of heat and acidity to any dish. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to make homemade hot sauce. In fact, most of the ingredients are probably already sitting in the pantry.

When making hot sauce, be sure to take proper safety precautions. For instance, wear food safety gloves for the duration of this process. Also, make sure the room is properly ventilated.

The first step in making hot sauce is gathering the ingredients. This recipe calls for vinegar, salt, minced garlic, and hot peppers. Use any available hot pepper including jalapeno, Serrano, and habanero peppers. Using a mixture of hot peppers also makes for a great sauce. It’s easiest to chop them up prior to adding them to the ingredients.

Take the minced garlic, chopped peppers, salt, and vinegar and add them to the blender or food processor. Pulse them until they make a puree. If necessary, strain the mixture so it’s smooth. At this point, either store it in the fridge or cook this hot sauce mixture for it to last longer. Only cook the hot sauce for a few minutes.

For a complex hot sauce, consider cooking carrots, fruit, and onions in oil. Once they’re soft, add pepper, salt, and vinegar, and simmer before pureeing. If this mixture is too thick, gradually add water.

There are numerous methods for making hot sauce. Whether it’s blended and steeped at room temperature or simmered, it’s important to practice safety while handling hot pepper sauce. Keep the room ventilated and wear gloves at all times. Also, be careful when handling hot ingredients, especially adding and removing them from the blender. Since it’s spicy, keep out of reach of small children and avoid contact with eyes.

Store the completed hot sauce in an airtight container. When stored correctly, hot sauce can last for up to four months. After a few trials, it’ll get easier to make the perfect sauce. Once anyone makes a successful homemade hot sauce, it’ll be difficult going back to commercial brands.