The usual tables full of food won’t look the same for many this holiday season. Many people will be celebrating with a much smaller crowd. Though it’s tough on the heart, you can make your table look just as tasty even though it’s smaller. We’ve got a few ways to tackle holiday meals during the quarantine.

Don’t Go With Traditions

There are no rules that say you have to stick with traditional holiday food. You can go rogue and still have a great meal. Make the things that give you the most happiness. Conquer a really tough recipe. If all else fails, go with boxed dinners. This is the year to think outside of the box. You might even make some new traditions.


Everyone wins when you outsource to a local restaurant. Many restaurants have had a tough year, so your order will give them a little boost. The win for you is that you don’t have to cook. Order a ham or turkey with the special sides. You would spend a lot of money if you were doing the huge feast. This way it goes to a great place even if it’s on a smaller scale.

Focus On Sides

The center of the table doesn’t have to hold the ham, turkey, or tamales. Everyone loves the booming flavors of side dishes. The mounds of sweet potatoes, collards, biscuits, and macaroni and cheese make the dinner amazing. You can also easily measure the number of sides to meet the needs of your family. Instead of a huge main dish, go for a cornish hen or jumbo shrimp. The side dishes can be your stars.

Go For Pie

Everyone loves a good dessert. At the end of a big meal, there isn’t much better than a piece of pumpkin pie, chocolate cake or pecan pie. This year has been long and stressful, so desserts make it that much better. Go all out on the desserts. You don’t have to make a huge selection, but make it count. Go for the toughest, yummiest desserts you’ve ever tried. You’ll probably have leftovers, so your neighbors will be thankful when you bring them down a few slices. Desserts are food for the soul.