All my fellow foodies out there can agree, there is nothing better than tasting authentic food from a new place you are visiting. Whether it’s within the borders of the U.S. or across international waters, culturally relevant cuisines are a great way to get a peek into the other lifestyles outside of our own. Check out a few more places where you can dine and feel like a local!


If You’re Going to Chicago Make Sure You Try Deep Dish

While plenty of cities around the world put their own spin on the Chicago favorite, there truly is no better place to try it then the original location. Chi-Town has endless locations where visitors can indulge in the infamous deep dish. From traditional cheese to stuffed masterpieces, people with all sorts of taste are sure to find a deep dish they love. Places such as Pequod’s Pizza adds their own twist by creating a “cheese halo” around the edge of the crust as an added bonus. If you want to grab a quick slice, check out one of the many Giordano’s locations around the city. Their pies are crafted with melt-in-your-mouth mozzarella and a sweet crust unlike any other you’ve ever tasted.


If You’re Going to England Make Sure You Try a Roast

Sunday dinners in England are a staple of the culture. Families gather at the end of the weekend for what is typically referred to as “a roast”. These meals will have you contemplating whether you want more or need to be rolled home. Often prepared in homes, these meals include, the main meat dish (chicken, turkey, roast beef, etc.), a form of potatoes (mashed or roasted), mounds of vegetables, and the infamous Yorkshire puddings, all drowning in gravy. When Americans hear pudding they often think of a sweet dessert you eat with a spoon. Yorkshire puddings are a flaky pastry that is often served with a savory meal, often compared to pop-overs. Roast dinners are also found at many pubs around the country, so don’t miss out on your chance to dive into one on a Sunday during your stay!