Food culture has become an integral part of travel these days. Explorers of all ages are seeking destinations with lavish cuisines to share across social media or brag about to their friends. The decision of where to eat becomes a huge part of planning a trip and there are endless options for most major cities and destinations. As a new series of this blog we’ll be highlighting some culinary masterpieces you won’t want to miss out on when you are venturing to various parts of the world.


If You’re Going to California You Have to try Fish Tacos


Those traveling to California, especially for their first time, have a lot to see and do. From the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the beaches of San Diego, visitors will have plenty to keep themselves busy. Keeping your stomach’s full is another easy feat when visiting the Golden State. If you’re sick of In-N-Out by your second day, finding a local taco joint might be the best move you make during your visit. In some of the smaller, surf towns, such as La Jolla, you can find some of the freshest and most delicious fish tacos you’ve ever laid eyes on. Less than two blocks from the ocean lies Don Bravos, one of La Jolla’s prized fish taco locations. Serving up the best at the lowest price.


If You’re Going to Arizona You Have to try Chimichangas


Staying true to the American tradition of “frying anything makes it better” has held true in Arizona for decades. After discovering that deep frying a burrito makes for a mouth-watering Mexican dish, Chimichangas have taken over as a classic Arizona food. The food that was accidentally discovered when a burrito fell into a fryer has been a staple for the people of Arizona and the competition is fierce. While in Phoenix, make sure to stop by El Norteno, made famous by those who live in the capital, a counter style service that definitely put the heat in their chimichangas.


We will be taking this trip around the country and the globe to find some of the best places to indulge while visiting. Stay tuned for some more locations around the U.S. on our next installment of this blog series!