Cooking and food have somewhat become a passion for many. With so many recipes being turned into blogs and videos, the world is going crazy for different ways to excite their palate. Back in the 90s, many people thought of vegan and vegetarianism to be a fad or trend. In reality, many people have chosen a meat-free diet for health and ethical reasons. Regardless if you consider yourself vegan or love a good steak, these recipes are sure to go down a treat for everyone.


Eggplant Sandwiches

Whether you like your eggplant fried or fresh, adding it as the main spotlight of and sandwich can be a game changer. Because of the heartiness that eggplant has, it is perfect to center any style of sandwich around. If you fry them up, they can make the perfect base for an eggplant parm or melted cheese type of handheld. For those keeping it fresh, adding any other types of veggies such as avocado and tomatoes can help enhance the flavor and juiciness. While many think of eggplant by means of hot meals such as parmesan and pasta, it makes a great substitution for meat on a variety of sandwiches.


Black Bean Burgers

As we near the end of summer, cookouts start to die down and grills get put away for the summer. Just because the summer months are ending, doesn’t mean that you can’t still have all your favorite BBQ favorites. Try a new twist on a burger without eating any meat. There are countless black bean burger recipes that even meat lovers will fall in love with. Some of them are a simple as 3 ingredients (black beans, eggs, and panko breadcrumbs) while others, like this recipe, incorporate more of your daily veggie intake into the burger. Unlike many veggie-based burgers, black beans help to give back the thickness and coloration that lack when meat is taken out of the situation.


Zucchini Lasagna or Ravioli

Who knew that zucchini would become a “go-to” for healthy eaters. Having replaced noodles with “zoodles”, the green squash is taking over in all aspects when it comes to pasta. Thinly slicing zucchinis have now proven to be great bases for lasagna and great envelopes for ravioli. If you truly need meat in your meals, you can always add them to your desired pasta dish, but now you have eliminated the carbs of the meal, already making it a healthier choice. Their somewhat absorbent nature, allows zucchini to take on the flavor of those around it, making it an ideal start to a healthy and meat-free