London, the capital city of England, is home to many tourist attractions, including the London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. If you’re planning a trip to London shortly, in addition to planning where to stay and what attractions to visit, make sure to plan out where you’ll eat as well. Here is a list six of the best restaurants to visit in London.


Xi’an Impression

Xi’an Impression is a small, minimalist Chinese restaurant located near Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. The restaurant is known for their hand-pulled Chinese ribbons, which are pappardelle-like ribbons. The restaurant is both vegetarian- and vegan-friendly and offers authentic and reasonably priced dishes.


Mangal 2

Mangal 2 serves Turkish food prepared on an ocakbaşı, which is a type of charcoal barbeque. The restaurant offers grilled meat and seafood dishes, a selection of both hot and cold Turkish meze starters, and a list of homemade desserts, all of which put in on the list of must-try restaurants.



The Marksman offers one of the best Sunday roasts in the city of London. The restaurant offers delicious, seasonal and imaginative dishes that are both British and refined. The restaurant works with local farmers, producers and suppliers to provide seasonal menu options. The menu changes daily, so stop in often to experience every dish they have to offer.


The Laughing Heart

The Laughing Heart is a new-wave wine bar located in Hackney. The dishes fuse Asian, modern British and Mediterranian styles for a unique take on old cuisine. It’s best for its selection of small plates, making it a great restaurant to visit with friends and try many dishes at once.



Located in East London, Brawn offers a hearty Franco-Italian menu with an emphasis on fresh pasta. It serves a daily menu of produce-driven seasonal dishes, that reflect a cultural European love of cooking. The restaurant also puts on emphasis on wine, offering a selection that is predominantly natural and biodynamic.



Moro celebrated it’s 20th anniversary this year, but its appeal has not aged a bit. The restaurant focuses on ingredients and boasts a menu that travels broadly across Southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The restaurant is located in Clerkenwell on Exmouth Market, an outdoor street market home to a collection of shops and restaurants.