Located in the heart of New England, Providence has provided college students with a place to enjoy their 4-years and beyond. While young people venture to the small town to complete their degree, it is becoming more popular to remain in Providence post-grad. With this new influx of young people, it comes as no surprise that the food industry of the area has begun transforming. Old buildings are becoming trendy restaurants and existing menus are adapting to suit the wants of foodies from all over the country. Only a hour away from Boston, Providence is become an ideal day-trip and when competing with a major city like Bean Town, they must set the bar high. Take a look, as we explore some of the “must-see” venues for any food lover to enjoy in Providence.


Massimo Restaurant

With beautiful views, inside and outside of the restaurant, Massimo prides itself on their quality cuisine and service. With a quick glance to their Tripadvisor page, it is easy to see why guest enjoy the environment of the restaurant so much. Though a small room for dining, the staff and servers are genuine and caring. Seeming to wear many hats, manager of the restaurant is always open to feedback and making the diners as happy as possible. As many people come from great distances to try Massimo, they have catered their menu to meet the needs of a wide range of dietary restrictions. Their Italian background truly shows in their dishes that fall under such category.


Los Andes

Rated as the number one restaurant in the small town, Los Andes gives guest a genuine taste of Peru. With an engaged service staff, you are sure to have a pleasurable experience from start to finish. For those unfamiliar with the tastes of South America, the servers are happy to help you find the perfect dish for you. Though another small venue for dining, guests are sure to leave satisfied, as all of Los Andes food is given in generous portions. Book your table sooner than later, because this is one stop your stomach will not want you to miss!


Harry’s Bar and Burger

For a quick and casual bite to eat, Harry’s is the place to go in Providence. Located in the heart of the small town, on Main Street, this establishment cooks up some of the best burgers in New England. Harry’s is a small chain in the New England area, with additional locations in Federal Hill, Lincoln, and Newport. Following along with the trend of small dining rooms, Harry’s provides an intimate experience with a small menu. Though their menu is limited, there are options for those who want to skip the meat and go veggie!