Seafood is becoming a more popular protein of choice among healthy eaters. The diversity that certain fish can offer make for a great ingredient for easy or complicated meals. One of the more popular dishes being served at home and in restaurants is salmon. This fish is very diverse and can be prepared in many ways with simple ingredients. Here are a few recipes for a simple or more challenging meal using salmon.


Pan Seared and Baked

If you are looking for a quick way to get your dinner on the table, you can easily cook your salmon between the stove top and oven. There are endless combinations for steps to getting your fish to the perfect consistency. If you like your salmon with a bit of crispiness, the best method is to pan sear each side of the fish and then throw the whole pan in the oven for 10 minutes to bake through the middle. For those wanting more of a moist texture, simply baking the salmon after letting it marinate for some time will allow it to remain soft. These styles often allow for you to have the salmon as the main part of your dish. You can then garnish the rest of your plate with starches and vegetables of your choosing.


Chopped Up

Though salmon can be cut up ahead of time, if you want small pieces of the fish, you are best letting it cook slightly first. Once the fish has been heated a bit, chopping it into smaller pieces becomes easier and give it more adversity for your dish of choice. With chopped up salmon, some recipes could include; salmon tacos, patties, and you could also toss it into a salad or pasta dish.


Soups and More

There are plenty of recipes that allow salmon to be changed from its natural filet form, into something unique. Salmon chowder, though not as popular as clam, is a delicious soup that can be adapted to include your favorite veggies as well. Similar to crab cakes, salmon can also be made into lump form using some breadcrumbs and filling.


One of the best aspects of using salmon is its diversity. The fish has the ability to take on flavors from around the globe. Additionally, the texture and cooking styles that this fish can take on are endless. If you haven’t incorporated salmon into your rotation of recipes, give one of the many ways to prepare it a try in the near future! You won’t be disappointed!