Sun, sand, refreshing drinks and colorful foods. That is what summer is all about! Now that we are a few weeks into summer, it is the perfect time to try out some new foods and drinks. If you are hosting a party or attending a potluck picnic, there will likely be the typical summer grub. But, if you are willing to switch it up and try something new, check out these delicious and fresh recipes for your next summer feast!


Zucchini Boats


One of the greatest aspects of zucchini its diverse nature. From being turning into noodles to being used to make a healthy pizza crust, the green vegetable is the perfect addition to any summer recipe. A great method to use the zucchini for is to create boats out of them. The great thing about the boats is that you can put anything your stomach desires inside of them! Once you vertically slice it in half and scoop out the middle, you can then fill them with everything from buffalo chicken to sausage and pasta sauce. This simple recipe can be adapted to satisfy any palate and can be served as a main meal or sliced up as an appetizer or side dish.


Unique Lemonade


The smooth and refreshing taste of lemonade is a right of passage into summertime. While the classic yellow, tangy drink is perfect how it is, there are dozens of ways to spice it up for summer. Many people chose to add different flavors to the drink including; mint, raspberry, blackberry, lavender, and more. In addition to these more classic twist on the drink, lemonade lovers have also tried adding spices for a different taste. Summer is all about the alcoholic beverages too. Adding your favorite liquor to classic or unique lemonades is another great way to enjoy the summertime drink.


Summer Salads


A salad is something that is enjoyed all year round. While the classic lettuce-based dish will never go out of style, the summertime is ideal for experimenting with alternative options. Many fruits are in peak season during summer. Blending together these fruits can create a beautiful and colorful fruit salad or toppings on a bed of spinach. Pasta, Orzo, or potato salads are always huge hits at large gatherings. They all are easy to make in bulk and can stay fresh for a few days after concocting!