Ora d’Aria
This incredible restaurant, which actually means ‘hour of air’, in Italian, has one of the most prime locations in all of Florence. Situated right tagliatelle and bolognesebehind the Uffizi, Ora d’Aria is without a doubt an upcoming Michelin star, restaurant. The Head Chef, 33-year-old Marco Stabile, comes from a town near the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Due to the a la carte menu changing on a frequent basis, be sure to check the restaurant’s menu beforehand. The a la carte menu consists of two gastronomic themes: fish and authentic Tuscan cuisine. If you would like a private cooking lesson, another interesting way to better understand the history of Tuscan cuisine, along with contemporary trends is to learn from Jesi and Montecatini Terme. Also, if you have the time to further explore Tuscany’s gastronomic culture, attending Arezzo cookery schools in and around Florence is a common activity that tourists participate in.

Picchi creates elegant dishes from ancient recipes, including roasted pigeon stuffed with fruit mustard, and calamari and spinach stew. In addition to these uniquely crafted dishes within the Tuscan region, this restaurant also incorporates Sant’Ambrogio farmer’s market in the area. One particular dish that Picchi’s is known for is the homemade chocolate cake and cheesecake. These cakes also are accompanied by bitter Sicilian marmalade, which perfectly complements the bold richness of the dessert.

Interestingly enough, Cibreo is also marked as a prime meeting spot for a wide array of professionals such as writers, musicians and intellectuals. Cibreo also prides themselves on the fact that American film director Woody Allen has been seen at this classic Florentine restaurant.

Alle Murate
florentine steakHistorically known as the main palace of judges and other high up management officials, Palazzo della Arte dei Giudici e Notai not only has authentic, delicious Florentine cuisine, but also owns earliest recorded depiction of Dante and Boccaccio frescoes from the Renaissance. In terms of architectural style, depending on exactly where you dine in the restaurant, visitors can view the Roman foundations in the basement. Various traditional Tuscan dishes that are served at the Alle Murate include Pappardelle with Chianina beef ragout and T-bone steak, prepared on chestnut wood and served with salt, pepper, and just a touch of olive oil.

Along with traditional Tuscan dishes, Alle Murate also exhibits a creative edge in their cuisine with various vegetarian options ranging from celery soup with pineapple and scallops, to stone bass fillet with red beetroots and stewed savoy cabbage. These interesting dishes are a great way to experience heartier meals within the region that highlight Tuscany’s edgy flair. To accompany the delicious food at Alle Murate, diners can also choose from a wide array of small Italian and French labels from several regions in those countries.