Everybody loves food, but there are some people who are more passionate about food than anything else in life. Some people are passionate about eating food, while others are passionate about cooking food and serving it to people. A great way to grow your love of food outside of eating and making it is to listen to food related podcasts. Countless podcasts about food exist, covering topics such from industry news to history, and so much more in between. Here are a few great food related podcasts.

Chowhound’s “Table Talk”

Chowhound.com’s Table Talk is one of the most interesting food related podcasts out there, going beyond discussing just the food itself and instead focusing on the people who work with food. The popular show began as a written series, until they decided it was time to shift to a new format with executive editor Hana Asbrink taking over the role of host. Every episode features a guest host from the food world, from bakers to photographers to youtube stars. 

The Food Seen

The Food Seen is a show that focuses on the intersection of food and art, which is a great topic given the way people seem to obsess over posting their meals all over social media. The host, Michael Harlan Turkell, is a photography and cookbook author who enjoys asking his guest hosts about the artistic side of working with food instead of the usual conversations we have about food. Topics covered include the art of slicing fish for sushi, or the materials which chefs use to create their meals.


Much more different than the other shows on this list, Proof is a food podcast that dives into the backstories of different foods instead of discussing best cooking practices and other common culinary techniques. For example, each episode usually focuses on a single food item – sometimes something as basic as ketchup – and then discussing topics such as why this food item is popular, how it gets the flavor it has, or if it works when paired with a different food item. Proof is one of the best ways to quench any nerdy food related thirst you may have.