Some people are born with the natural ability to give great gifts to everyone in their lives. If you’re like me, then you face more challenging times when it comes to buying a present that you feel confident giving to your friend or family. Most of us know someone who is referred to as a “foodie”. These people are excited to try new food and restaurants at any given time. They usually have broad palettes which allow for them to give pretty well-rounded critiques of most foods. If you have a foodie in your life, check out some of these unique gifts that will be sure to make their eating experiences even more enjoyable.


Pasta Maker

If you haven’t heard, making your own pasta is now all the rage! Long gone are the days of store-bought boxes of spaghetti. Real foodies are now diving into their own world of making the Italian cuisine from scratch. There are plenty of varieties of pasta makers, so whether you are looking to spend a lot of a little, Amazon will have you covered. Don’t leave out the drying rack, a crucial piece of the pasta making process.


Photography Gadgets

For the millennial foodie, it is all about getting the most photo-worthy meal possible. For them, it often matters more about appearance than taste. This being said, getting your millennial foodie some tech gear to spruce up the outcomes of their food photo shoots. From portable stands to enhanced lenses, phone photographers can step up their picture game for small prices. While there are some fancy ways to make your phone photos stand out, most of the small gadgets can be found at reasonable prices. Food will be ready to “say cheese” for the foodie taking a close up.



The era of subscription boxes is now more than ever a major trend. From makeup to clothing to food and wine, there is a way to get new trend delivered to your door every day of the week. In the foodie world, subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Start out with Murray’s Cheese of the Month for those just starting out and you can advance to the Jacobsen Salt Library to dive into the more eclectic side of your palette. The great thing about subscription boxes as a gift is you can give them one month, which is often not too pricey, and if they want to continue with the service, they can (on their own dime). You never know what passion you could spark in someone by giving the gift of trying new things!