Top 3 Restaurants to Check Out in Montreal

The culinary arts have become an important part of Montreal’s culture. The city was named a “culinary hotbed” by Forbes in 2016 and is said to have the second most restaurants per capita in North America–behind New York City.

With so many restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult to make a selection when planning your next meal trip. Here are the top three restaurants in Montreal, based primarily on Canada’s “Best 100 Restaurants of 2017:”

1. Toqué!

Named Canada’s Best Restaurant in 2016, Montreal’s Toqué features a menu of delectable dishes and tasting menus from world renowned chef Normand Laprise, and it is equally renowned for its service and ambience. The restaurant’s cuisine is intended to serve as a showcase of Quebec’s agricultural suppliers, who are highly regarded by restaurant staff as a major inspiration and asset to the menu.

Main courses include Duck Magret and Cavatelli with Wild Mushrooms, and the Brown Butter and White Chocolate Ganache is just one of several satisfying dessert options. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine menu. Tasting menus are commonly acclaimed for their rewarding pairings and for their variety of standout flavors.

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2. Joe Beef

Joe Beef, one of Montreal’s oldest restaurants, can be found in the neighborhood of Little Burgundy, where it offers a menu specializing in steaks, seafood, and a large selection of old world wines. Popular entrees include oysters, duck, and lobster spaghetti. The restaurant was named after Charles “Joe Beef” McKierman, a tavern owner and working class hero in 19th century Montreal, and it touts its location as being “a drunken crawl away from the historic Atwater Market.”

The restaurant has drawn acclaim from renowned food critics and chefs during its tenure. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain once visited the restaurant during a segment of his television show, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.” Additionally, New York restaurateur David Chang considers the restaurant to be one of his favorites.

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3. Le Vin Papillon

Le Vin Papillion provides farm-fresh dining with a hint of rustic charm. Primarily a wine bar, the restaurant features a modest menu of dishes and wines perfect for mixing and matching–including jambon de Petite Bourgogne and Cheddar d’Avonlea. Reviews have praised the menu for its restrained, yet gratifying entrees and for its numerous vegetarian accommodations.

Enjoy orders at the bar or at the outdoor patio area, a centerpiece of the restaurant’s atmosphere in warm months.

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