10. Commander’s Palace – New Orleans, Louisiana

Established in 1880, Commander’s Palace offers authentic Cajun and Creole cuisine. Sit down in the heart of New Orleans’ business district and listen to live jazz as you enjoy Creole crawfish & succotash, Commander’s classic turtle soup, or Creole bread pudding, known as the “Queen of Creole Desserts”.

9. Splendido – Toronto, Ontario

Experience the diversity of Canadian cuisine in the world-class dining of Splendido Restaurant. Enjoy a generous wine selection to accompany a tasting menu infused by Chef Victor Barry’s passion for innovative cuisine like rabbit pappardelle and foie gras parfait.

8. Casa Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

Spice up your pallet with a blend of authentic Mexican and Mediterranean flavors while you sip Spanish wine on an outdoor patio. From the handmade guacamole to the grilled octopus with mushroom risotto, Casa Oaxaca will make your taste buds sizzle and leave you wanting more.

7. Raymonds, St. John’s, Newfoundland

While enjoying the beautiful Canadian coast, be sure to sample the local seafood and wild game at Raymonds. Whether its caribou ravioli or east coast oysters, Raymonds is your destination for coastal Canadian fine-dining.

6. The Restaurant at Meadowood – St. Helena, California

Enjoy a meal custom-tailored to you in the heart of Napa Valley country. Each guest has a specific menu created the moment a reservation is made. Pair your savory corn custard or lobster and sweetbread ravioli with a delicious glass of wine from their vast selection.

5. Biko – Mexico City, Mexico

Biko offers meals from two menus: a traditional Spanish listing and a more modern Mexican listing. Not only does this high-end restaurant offer authentic tastes like tomato and capers or pork jowl and chicharrones, but Chef Mikel Alonso is open to creating any new dish, thereby thrusting this restaurant into modern cuisine.

The famed Apple Balloon from Alinea in Chicago

The famed Apple Balloon from Alinea in Chicago

4. Eleven Madison Park – New York City, New York

This upscale restaurant gives you the vaulted ceilings and delectable tasting menus that will make your trip to New York City unforgettable. Enjoy locally grown foods turned into masterpieces like poached lobster with rutabaga or carrot tartare on rye.

3. La Habichuela Sunset – Cancún, Mexico

Don’t miss an evening of Caribbean and Mexican cuisine as you sip Aztec coffee and watch the sunset. Enjoy Mayan inspired décor, meals like fish fillet amaranth and a friendly staff.

2. Toqué! – Montreal, Québec

Ranked the #1 restaurant in Canada, this is the flagship restaurant for Québec-inspired dining. Chef Norman Laprise is more of an inventor than a chef, choosing food combinations, like ham and strawberries or lemon butter clams with beans, to create a juxtaposition of flavor in every meal.

1. Alinea – Chicago, Illinois

This is the ultimate foodie experience where decadent meals become works of art. Alinea is gastronomy at its finest, from edible balloons to king crab served with passion fruit. A tasting menu never looked so beautiful.