Paris or better known as the “The City of Love” still reigns as one of the most popular cosmopolitan destinations in the world, showcasing both natural beauty while also continuing to make its mark as a historical treasure that has persisted through the decades. Unfortunately, even with all the beauty and history Paris as a whole can arguably be one of the most stunning yet expensive cities to live or visit even for a small amount of time.

Although this has become increasingly easier for tourists to travel to due to newer housing options such as airbnb and other hostels, finding delicious food spots to enjoy while sticking to your budget can be quite the difficult task. France’s capital is known for its rich gastronomic history which are perfectly located everywhere from wide boulevards to the narrow streets of MontMartre where artists have been finding their inspiration since early to mid 20th century.

One neighborhood that is worth mentioning due its rich medieval history along with some of the most delicious, inexpensive local food spots that have received international acclaim is called Le Marais. Almost similar to taking a time machine back to medieval Paris, this approachable neighborhood which is historically known as the “Jewish Quarter” hosts some of the most stunning, quaint parks and areas in the city, while also simultaneously hosting the most ethnically diverse foods. For more tips and other types of information before your trip to Paris, take a quick look at this Frommer’s article. 

Breizh Café

Situated in the heart of the Marais, the Breizh Café serves up some of the best crepes in Paris with the classic Parisian masterpiece consisting of ham, cheese and a fried egg. Whether you are on the market for a savory or sweet crepe, whichever you choose will making a lasting impression on your palate.

 109 Rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd arrondissement

+33 1 42 72 13 77

Metro: Saint-Sébastien – Froissart (Line 8)

breizh cafe

L’as du fallafel

When strolling around the stunning district, a restaurant that you simply cannot miss is the little , almost miniscule restaurant that has a bright green awning with a very, almost infinitely long line. Still considered one of the most famous falafel spots in Paris, the dishes around €6 are an absolute must.

 32-34 Rue des Rosiers, 4th arrondissement

+33 1 48 87 63 60

Metro: Saint-Paul (Line 1)

l'as du falafel




Bistrot Victoires

A perennial favorite, Bistrot Victoire is classic, cozy and ideal for those traveling on a budget who want to enjoy authentic French cuisine without spending an excessive amount. Even French locals rave about these culinary masterpieces which have been drawing locals and foreign tourists in for decades.

6 Rue la Vrillière, 1st arrondissement

+33 1 42 61 43 78

Metro: Bourse or Sentier (Line 3)